Wylam Brewery

It can be difficult to choose a wedding venue, as there are a lot of places to consider. Most couples end up narrowing their options down and down, until they are left with two or three that tick every box. For many, Wylam Brewery is one of them. A number of weddings are held at Wylam Brewery each and every year, and the team really know what they’re doing. If Wylam Brewery isn’t somewhere that you’ve considered before, now might be the time to do so.

Weddings at Wylam Brewery

Wylam Brewery is a unique wedding venue, as it doesn’t just deal with weddings. Whereas a lot of venues offer nothing but wedding related services, Wylam Brewery offers a great deal more. Of course, that’s not to say that a Wylam Brewery wedding isn’t every bit as beautiful and enjoyable as any other wedding day. In fact, some would argue that a Wylam Brewery wedding is one of the best. This is why it’s a popular wedding venue, attracting couples from the local area and those from much further afield.

At Wylam Brewery, you’ll find a dedicated team of experts who are able to help with planning your special day. The Palace of Arts is a gorgeous location, one that’s spacious and ideal for a large celebration. It doesn’t matter what type of wedding you are planning, Wylam Brewery and The Palace of Arts has a lot to offer. There’s a good chance that all of your needs will be met.

Wylam Brewery Wedding Photographer

If you are planning a wedding at Wylam Brewery, you will need a wedding photographer. Though it may be tempting to rely on friends and family to take photographs throughout the day, it is always best to hire the services of a professional. When you hire a professional photographer for a Wylam Brewery wedding, you can relax knowing that your special day will be captured. Whilst you’re having fun and spending time with loved ones, I am able to capture every magic moment. To find out more about Wylam Brewery wedding photography or my services as a wedding photographer, get in touch.



I capture your entire day in a natural documentary style, allowing you and your guests to be yourselves with zero awkwardness or cheesy posing. Throw in a good helping of fun and creative portraits and you have the perfect trifecta of awesomeness.

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