• Where are you based?

I am based in Chilton, County Durham. A town between Durham and Darlington.

• When will my photographs be delivered?

I always aim to deliver the final Images within 21 days of the wedding. During very busy times of the year (June - August) it may take a little longer I.e. 28 days.

• Are you limited to weddings in the North East area?

I love to be adventurous. Travelling around the country for weddings or even abroad is super cool with me. Its a big world out there - I want to see it.

• What is your deposit and when is the final balance due?

I like to make my service as smooth as possible, £100 secures your date once the booking proposal is complete and the remaining balance is due 5 weeks before your wedding date. Deposits are non refundable.

• Can I book without paying the deposit?

Unfortunately, NO. I work on a first come first booked basis. I never hold dates for anyone not even close friends or relatives, everyone is treated equally. Your deposit shows your commitment to me and secures your date. Deposits are non refundable.

• We would like to pay early, is this possible?

Usually final balance payments are made 5 weeks before the wedding, however, I do allow you to pay off your balance whenever is convenient for yourselves.

• Will we hear from you leading up to the wedding?

You will receive emails and other various communication from me along the way, so you know I haven’t forgotten about you, which is very important to me. We will meet approximately 6 weeks before the wedding for a pre-wedding chat in order to confirm and create a timeline of the day and answer any questions.

• How do I receive my photos?

I Include full high resolution digital copies of your photographs with every wedding package on USB. In my Fawn package you receive my Print + USB box and the Doe and Stag packages come with Album USB boxes. You will also receive a personalised Online Gallery which is private and allows your friends, family and other guests the opportunity to download Low-Resolution photos. You will receive approximately 500+ full resolution Images for you to enjoy & keep forever.

• Are the Images I receive protected by copyright?

Simple answer YES. The copyright always remains with the photographer. You as the client receive Limited Usage Rights to print and share your photos online. You are also not allowed to use your images for any commercial usage. This includes delivering images to your suppliers/venue for them to use commercially in their promotion/marketing strategies.

• Can I supply my photos to suppliers?

Yes, but there are limitations. Please send the Gallery link to all suppliers for them to download low resolution images for sharing on social media only. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should you deliver any High-Resolution un-watermarked image to a supplier. Please direct them to me if they wish to use the High Resolution images.

• We're Eloping? Do you cover Elopements?

Elopements are 100% bespoke as each elopement is different. Please arrange for a coffee and a chat to work out exactly what you need. Simple answer; Yes. I cover Elopements.

• Do you have a Second Photographer?

Yes. I have access to brilliant photographers who I trust to capture beautiful images. A second photographer can be an excellent addition to your coverage.

• Digital Manipulation.

I will NOT edit a photo to alter the appearance of a person. We all have something we don’t like etc. Remember YOUR AMAZING and YOU ROCK. Be happy in your skin and BE AWESOME. I WILL edit your photos professionally. I just won’t manipulate them to convey a false perspective of your body or anyone else. I unfortunately DO NOT add or remove people from photos. The task is often very complicated, never looks natural, takes hours of time, unaffordable and I simply do not have the time. I hate to say NO to anything but I have to on these points.

• Why a Stag as your logo?

As part of my 2020 rebrand, I wanted to revamp my logo to better reflect my interests, brand editing and the union of marriage. After lots of ideas and research I fell in love with the Stag. I love nature, the countryside, mountains, and walks not to mention photographing weddings in the great outdoors is awesome. Deer/stags are also represented throughout our local area, notably Raby Castle where I take my children each year for their Santa visit.

The stag is also the king of the forest and symbolises harmony, happiness, peace and longevity… 4 elements that embodies marriage.