My Wedding Photography Style

My style is truly ingrained in photojournalism, capturing moments in time to portray the story whilst drawing inspiration from the beauty of fine-art photography. I love being a great photographer yet also a story teller and visual artist creating distinctive and dramatic imagery.

As a multiple award winning wedding photographer, I consistently create artistic imagery my couples will love. I do this by experimenting with new techniques and blend various photography styles to challenge my vision and tell exciting stories.

So what does all of that mean? Let’s get to the specifics of what makes me unique. Below are the primary styles of Sawyer and Sawyer Photography. My distinctive approach combines elements of each style, fine-tuned for factors like location, lighting, and client preferences. If you love a particular style, please let me know before your wedding.

Signature Style

My Signature Style Is modern with true to life colour with a soft, whimsical matte tone. This style is high definition, vibrant, crisp, and clean. Skin tones are accurate and the natural colours of the scene “pop,” giving the image a beautiful, timeless aesthetic. Below are a few examples:

Romantic Style

Our Romantic Style Is our main style of editing producing filmic colours and warm toning. Each image is finished to give a natural feeling and timeless aesthetic. Examples below…

Creative Style

My Creative style integrates the use of advanced off-camera flash techniques to create artistic and expressive imagery (An EPIC as I like to call it), deeply rooted in fine-art photography. Photos captured in this style are created to be admired, printed and displayed. My couples typically have at least one of their ‘EPIC’ photos printed large and hung on their wall.

This style includes techniques such as HDR, Long Exposures, Panoramic stitching, compositing and more. Creating an epic isn’t just about these types of techniques, it’s about finding the composition, perfect symmetry, juxtaposition and the use of artistry in utilising reflections, silhouettes, foregrounds and much more. The vision is to create Extraordinary pieces of art for my couples. This style of photography has won Sawyer and Sawyer Photography countless awards. Below are a few examples:

Photojournalistic Style

Photojournalism in its simplest form is documenting without instruction. Each image captures a piece of the overall story, the emotion, mood or feeling. This is why the majority of a wedding day is captured ‘candid’. I watch the environment, the conversations and anticipate the key moments; smiles, laughter, tears or even an embrace. I apply this style of photography anytime I am photographing non-posed events, like Ceremonies, Cocktail Hour, and Others.

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