Lartington Hall

At Lartington Hall, weddings are romantic and personal. It doesn’t matter what type of wedding you are planning, there’s a high chance that it will be possible at Lartington Hall. A lot of hard work has gone into creating the perfect wedding venue at Lartington Hall, which is why it stands out as one of the top wedding venues in the area. Surrounded by idyllic parkland, Lartington Hall is tranquil and tasteful. It’s certainly not somewhere that you’ll need to worry about noise or other people, as the entire venue is available for private hire. When you choose Lartington Hall, you are choosing a venue that can be entirely your own.

Weddings at Lartington Hall

If you are from North Yorkshire or Durham, you may have heard of Lartington Hall. It is well known as being somewhere with beautiful gardens and equally beautiful interiors, which is why so many people choose it as their wedding venue. At Lartington Hall, you will have access to a private chapel and a large ballroom. This means that your entire wedding day can take place at the same venue; there’s no need for guests to travel here, there and everywhere. It’s a fantastic choice if you are looking for a wedding that’s elegant and traditional, but also easy to organise. There aren’t many other wedding venues that offer what Lartington Hall does; it’s certainly the first choice for many couples.

Wedding Photography at Lartington Hall

A wedding at Lartington Hall is a day you will want to remember, which is why wedding photography is so important. When you enlist the services of a professional wedding photographer, you can relax knowing that your wedding photography is being taken care of by someone who truly knows what they are doing. Before your big day, I’ll take the time to sit down and get to know you. By doing so, I’m able to ensure that your wedding day is captured in a way that you love. To find out more about wedding photography at Lartington Hall or my wedding photography services in general, get in touch. I’m always happy to answer questions and queries.



I capture your entire day in a natural documentary style, allowing you and your guests to be yourselves with zero awkwardness or cheesy posing. Throw in a good helping of fun and creative portraits and you have the perfect trifecta of awesomeness.

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