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I often get asked “How much is your package?

In a world driven by price comparison sites its easy to get stuck in the mindset of I need to find the cheapest Photographer I can. However, I ask you the question…

Would you love to have creative, professional works of art for your wall/album from your magical day that WOW you and your friends?

I hope the answer is YES.

Look for the value in the photography not the package price, a £500 photographer is likely not able to create the same images as what I produce for my clients and a £1500 photographer may not be able to either so price is obsolete. Look at the value the photographer provides. (BONUS: My full day coverage is only £995. more-affordable than over SEVENTY North East wedding photographers, for those who are stuck on price.) Why not read my article on How much should I spend on wedding photography for a guide.


2019 Remaining Dates now only £700 Full Day. Saving 30%

Dates for the remainder of 2019 are now discounted due to the majority of key dates now already booked. Please get in touch to check availability of dates remaining.

£500 / Half Day Coverage
Any date now for 2019

Monday to Thursday ONLY for 2020

Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb ONLY for 2020

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Starts 90 minutes prior to ceremony

Ends after Ceremony, Group and Couple Portraits

NO Reception shots

£150 / 2 Hour Shoot
Create beautiful Images before your wedding which

you can hang around the house, share with friends

and family and even use them as part of your

wedding invitations and wedding details.

I'd love to work with you. Let's grab coffee and chat!

My photography service is in high demand, please check your dates availability as soon as possible!

Pre-Wedding Meetings

Before the wedding usually 1 month prior I will meet with you and your fiancé at the reception venue or other location to go over the wedding day details you submitted during booking just to make sure I have finalised timings and also to teach you the posing framework to ensure you feel confident in front of camera. The posing framework helps you for the couple portraits, the rest of your wedding is captured in a more lifestyle/journalistic approach which feels candid.

Non-Refundable Deposit/Booking Fee

A £100 non-refundable booking fee secures your big day in my diary. I then add the date to my calendar and no one can then book that date, I only shoot 1 wedding per day so booking ASAP is recommended. The remaining fee will be due the month before the wedding.

Travel Expenses

Travel is built into my prices unless stated otherwise for longer journeys. Accommodation may also be required depending on journey length.

Image Editing and Delivery

Industry timelines predominantly are 6-10 weeks for all images to be edited and delivered back to you. Here at Sawyer and Sawyer Photography 90% of my weddings are edited and delivered within 7 days. During busier times this may stretch to 14 days however even that is far faster than the industry average.

Wedisson Awards
Wedisson awards are awarded to the top 10% of all entries.
SLRlounge Awards
Awards are the top 1-5% of images submitted.
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