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As a documentary photographer I love nothing more than genuine, unposed emotions, expressions and moments along with gorgeous couple portraits. Real photographs and Real awesomeness.

On a wedding day I work very hard to capture both the real moments and awesome couple portraits with a good helping of fun. You may also like to read about how I take creative bride and groom portraits here.

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For 95% of the wedding day I work as a documentary wedding photographer, capturing all of the real moments that happen without intervention; photographing your day exactly as it happens.

The other 5% which requires some staging/posing is the group shots and the couple portraits. Both of which I try to capture as quick as possible so your not away from the wedding party too long. I also throw in plenty of laughter and jokes during this time to create more natural looking expressions. Nothing is stiff, cheesy and awkward.

Photographing the vast majority of your day in a candid, documentary method really helps to showcase your images after the wedding, bringing back the emotion of your day.

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I love fun, laughter and true emotions. Theres no cheese or stiff awkward portraits, just fun photos of you and your favourite people. I love my couples and their guests to play, dance, swear, joke, kiss, cuddle – do whatever they want – that’s where the real moments, expressions and awesomeness comes from.

Capturing all of these emotions and moments really tell the story of your day and will become more valuable with time. This is why non-posed photos are always the best in my opinion.

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So how do I capture emotions, moments and expressions without guests being aware of me? First of all I love to chat with guests, family or whoever else may be there throughout the day, this really helps to put everyone at ease and create that part of the family feeling which in turn helps to create more relaxed and natural photographs. Secondly the cameras which I use are completely silent. I can be stood 2 inches from a guests ear photographing over their shoulder and they don’t even know I’m there. Having this ability really helps to capture moments you would otherwise lose by the subjects hearing the camera.

Having the ability to photograph silently is the difference between awesome moments and not getting the moment right. As soon as guests hear the camera they become aware of it and act different and tense up a lot of the time. Stealth mode as I like to call it allows me to capture everything that’s going on without any awareness.