Destination Weddings

A dream Destination Wedding is becoming very popular with couples, as is selecting a UK based wedding photographer to fly out and capture your beautiful day in all its glory.

Planning an Overseas Wedding

Planning your dream destination wedding is a once in a lifetime adventure and experience. Everything from scouting your location on google earth, stalking Pinterest for beautiful images of your venue, booking gorgeous hotels and arranging great quality travel, the whole process can be very exciting and not to dissimilar to planning a UK Based wedding.

Choosing a photographer for your destination wedding can be a big task, however, it doesn’t have to be. Im very laidback and with every wedding I try to make the process as simple as possible with as little stress as possible. I even include travel and accommodation into my pricing so I can arrange my own. One less thing for you to worry about.

Once the wheels have touched down in your chosing country/location and your settled in we can arrange to meet at the venue and go through the wedding timeline, ideas and more which can really help take away any worries/stress before the big day.

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Why Choose A Destination Wedding Photographer?

This may be one of the biggest questions. There are many reasons to book a UK based Wedding Photographer to travel overseas to capture your perfect day rather than hiring a photographer located in the country you’re getting married.

One of the biggest reasons can be the language barrier. It can prove difficult if the photographers first language is not English. This then presents problems not just on the day but communication overall from initial booking to trying to get your final wedding photos back from a photographer in an entirely different country.

Meeting the photographer before booking or leading up to heading off on the plane is virtually impossible, a face to face chat is very important, you need to find the right photographer for you and being in a different country does present challenges.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Why I Love Photographing Weddings Overseas

A destination wedding is a mini adventure not just for you; the bride and groom, but also for me, your guests, your family etc. Im able to spend a lot more time with you, your guests and family meaning I get to know everyone a lot better before the big day which makes everyone feel at ease and relaxed on the day.

I always try my best to travel a couple of days before the wedding to your chosing country/location which means we can then capture a Couple Shoot a day or two before the wedding. A couple shoot is included in all Destination Wedding Bookings along with some beautiful landscape photography of your location and nuanced detail photographs from the surrounding area(s).

I can even pack all my gear into hand luggage so there’s no risk of an eager baggage handler smashing my gear or losing it.

I love destination wedding photography personally as up to the age of 25 (I Think) I’d never been out of the UK. The world is a massive place and I want to see as much of it as possible, even if I’m working. I try to stay in the country for a few days before or after the wedding to really soak in the atmosphere, culture and relax a little – especially when shooting 50 weddings a year – a little relaxation is nice. Due to this I try to keep expenses to a minimum too.

Destination Wedding Pricing

Europe: £2000

Elsewhere in the world: £2500

Price includes all travel and accommodation.

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