Creative portraits are the 1% of a wedding day, the 1% of the photos that you look at and say ‘that’s going on my wall’. A lot of my couples book me for this very reason. It is also one of the key elements I am known for and of course for winning countless awards.

Please remember I am a documentary photographer at heart and as much as I love creative portraits they are a very small part of the overall wedding day. Read more about why I love being a Documentary Wedding Photographer.


Every wedding has time for couple portraits, I love to capture portraits after the group shots and its just me, you and your partner. This is a great time to create some beautiful natural light images and of course take 10-20 minutes to yourselves away from everyone else. I love to have a chat, create laughter with jokes and stories and get the most out of your portraits by making you as relaxed as possible which comes across really natural in the photographs. I also try to create as many Fun portraits as I can, after all no one wants stiff mantlepiece photos.


Creative lighting is invaluable to the photography I provide. Using coloured gels and light modifiers to place light where I want it or even remove light for certain desired effects is a crucial skill. These skills allow me to create amazing creative portraits or EPICS as I like to call them. A lot of my creative portraits are taking during the gap before the reception starts, however, I can also create Epic portraits anytime and anywhere. My only limitation is my imagination. When we sit down for our final pre-wedding meeting 6 weeks before the wedding we will come up with some pre-planned creative shots as you may want to use smoke bombs, Prosecco spray or other creative effects which require a bit of planning.


Modern, fun, natural, creative and awesome wedding photography for couples who love life, don’t take themselves too seriously and are willing to have fun and try new ideas. One of the top 100 wedding photographers in the UK (SLR LOUNGE)

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