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My connection sessions start at £200 and are designed to capture the love between two people, the touch of hands, a soft embrace or a longing gaze. The session allows you both to be you, to breath, to be together, to connect. No awkward cheesy posing or props, just perfect moments captured forever.

You may have heard these sessions called Engagement Shoots or Pre-Wedding Shoots. I use the word connection as I offer sessions anytime, not just before the wedding. The session is all about being together and connecting, hence the name.

The session is a great opportunity to connect not just with each other but with me; your photographer. Having a connection with me is important for the wedding day and why I include a Connection Session in my Doe and Stag packages.

Building confidence in front of camera is always a bonus and learning very quickly, regardless of how camera shy or awkward you think you are, that having awesome photos taking by me is really easy and effortless and in the end rewarding. Bonus: You get some kick ass photos at the end.

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Post Wedding Adventure sessions allow us to spend several hours creating awesome breathtaking Images. If you're up for an adventure on top of a mountain in the lakes or by a waterfall in Iceland wearing your wedding dress, get in touch and let's create a plan. Prices from £400.

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Below you can check out some of the awesomeness from past Connection sessions.