Deepdale Farm

Though large and lavish weddings in fancy hotels are what some people dream of, others want something a little more personal and a lot more relaxed. Though luxurious ballrooms and impressive ceremonies are ideal for many couples, there is definitely a growing interest in more unique wedding locations. This is where Deepdale Farm comes in. At Deepdale Farm, it’s all about having the freedom to design your ideal wedding day. When barns and fields to use as you wish, planning a festival wedding or a rustic wedding has never been easier. When you choose a Deepdale Farm wedding, you can relax knowing that your wedding day will be like no other.

Choosing a Deepdale Farm Wedding

There is no reason as to why your wedding day needs to be a stressful, busy and complex affair. Rather than spending your time making sure that everything goes to plan and the day is running smoothly, you can plan a Deepdale Farm wedding and enjoy everything the day brings. Weddings at Deepdale Farm really make use of the beautiful surroundings, as so much of the day is spent outside and within rural barns. There’s countryside, colour and a sense of comfortability that’s not always there with other types of wedding venue.

At Deepdale Farm, you really do have the freedom to plan a day that works for you and your guests, you won’t find yourself limited in anyway. You can use your creativity and personality to organise your dream day from beginning to end, regardless of what unusual or individual spin you want to put on things.

Deepdale Farm Wedding Photography

When you have spent time planning your ideal wedding day, it’s important to have a wedding photographer who is able to capture every moment. Weddings can be busy and there’s always a lot going on, so you don’t want to worry yourself with having to think twice about wedding photographs. With me, you can relax knowing that I will be taking care of everything from beginning to end. From the moment you begin getting ready to the moment the day starts winding down, I will be there capturing it all. To find out more about Deepdale Farm wedding photography, get in touch.



I capture your entire day in a natural documentary style, allowing you and your guests to be yourselves with zero awkwardness or cheesy posing. Throw in a good helping of fun and creative portraits and you have the perfect trifecta of awesomeness.

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