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There is a reason I use the motto FUN + NATURAL + CREATIVE = AWESOME. This is how I approach every wedding. I capture your entire day in a natural documentary style, allowing you and your guests to be yourselves with zero awkwardness or cheesy posing. Allowing your day to unfold in a very natural and relaxed manor.

Throughout your day I will be looking for elements of fun such as people laughing, flying headfirst through giant Jenga bricks or jumping through the air, no matter the situation I love to document fun and laughter. I always incorporate elements of fun into your couple portraits also, so they reflect your personalities and let’s face it, no one wants stiff awkward portraits. The more fun the better I say!

Now for the glitz and glamour; The Creativity. As you will see throughout my website and the many countless awards I have won; I love to get creative with my photography. Reflections, silhouettes, complimentary colour balances and so much more including a good helping of off-camera flash techniques. Utilising a large wealth of knowledge including lighting skills allows me to look at a potential photograph in a very different way to everyone else. Adding my creativity to elements of Fun and natural unposed emotions and expressions create the perfect trifecta of awesomeness. Capturing these elements throughout your entire day really tells your whole story.


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I'm Ray Sawyer. Sucker for coffee, camping, hiking and adventure. Guilty pleasure for musicals and some of my favourite films include The Matrix, Star Wars + anything superhero related, come on who doesn't love Marvel, right? Sawyer and Sawyer was born along with my son. I thought one day it would be nice to be a father and son team so I named the business Sawyer and Sawyer!