I can’t wait to create some truly epic and awesome Images for you guys and chat about everything ‘YOU’ and of course the Wedding itself.

The session will really help build camera confidence, especially for those who feel camera shy or ‘awkward’ in front of camera. Oh, and get some kick ass photos too.

During the session I love to capture the story. Creating a narrative of your session including images of all the in-between moments such as walking hand in hand, shadows on the floor, establishing location through wide aerial imagery and all the small moments throughout such as laughter while crossing a stream, impromptu piggyback rides, cuddles and of course; the ring. I also love to throw in some of my creative ideas to try and create something extra special whether it be an epic environmental portrait or something more abstract, it’s the final 1% to your awesome images.

Why not take a look at a few of my previous Pre-Wedding Portrait sessions, follow their story and ultimately get excited for your very own story!


As my logo states ‘Love Stories + Adventures’ I LOVE to travel and explore new places. Be adventurous guys. Let’s travel to Paris for the day, explore the fells in the Lake District, take in the vista of Skye or witness the power of the falls in Iceland. Let’s go beyond a few nice photographs and create something truly incredible and fantastic.

Obviously, the North East has some wonderful locations too and we can certainly take full advantage of the beautiful scenery on offer. Fire over some idea’s guys.


The time of day is important, for example, let’s say you want sunset photos in June. That’s not feasible as the sunset is anywhere from 9pm-10pm at night. You must also take into consideration the direction of the sunset i.e. the West. No good asking for a sunset shoot on the east coast, though sometimes there is some epic skies but not often and there will be no golden sun in the sky.

The best time for your connection session would typically be Sunrise, yes, you heard me right, sunrise! Set the alarm, brush your teeth, do your hair, and dress to impress. Whilst everyone is asleep, we have the freedom of the world, no eyes watching us, and the peace of the morning is very relaxing.

If Sunrise/Sunset is out of the question, daytime sessions are available, but you will always get the best light and mood at sunrise and sunset. Once we have an idea in place for location and a rough date, I can generally advise a best time.


After choosing an amazing location, date and time you need to turn your energy towards how you will look. Wardrobe is not to be taking lightly, just throwing on something compared to planning an outfit for the shoot can mean the difference of beautiful photos to amazing photos.

Every session I ask my couples to dress smart casual unless pulling off a formal and dramatic style. Smart casual just works. Once your session is booked, I will send an email with some more in-depth tips and advice for wardrobe.

Advice for the guys.
I would prefer you to wear more neutral colours that ground you to the scene such as beige, white, black, tan and grey as they often photograph the best and complement skin tones whilst avoiding conflict with common background elements. For Example: Jeans with boots or dress shoes and a nice shirt – to add some formality add a suit jacket. Try your best for a nice fit.

Remember simplicity is always best, so when in doubt keep in mind that “less is more”. Try to avoid patterns and stripes, as they often will conflict with other elements and avoid logos, as they can be visually distracting.

Advice for the Ladies.
Let’s face it, I’m a guy. I’m leaving this one up to you. But what I would say is a dress 9/10 times works perfectly, and you can co-ordinate your colours with your partner. Treat the session as if your both getting ready to hit the town to meet friends and have a meal. Having this mentality usually gives great results. For example, you might think to wear flats with a dress but on a night out you may put on the heels, I know which one will look nicer in the photos, I’m sure you do to.

If in doubt wear what’s comfortable and smart casual and you can’t go wrong. Again, I will send an email with some tips and considerations to really help you nail down a great look.

Formal and Dramatic
Now, as you read this next paragraph you may be thinking that’s crazy. Trust me, the results are out of this world. Boys thrown on a suit, Ladies slip into that flowing dress and meet me at the top of a mountain or at the rock pools by the sea. This look will always look grand and epic especially when utilising sunrise/sunset with off camera flash techniques. Usually wear what’s comfortable, for example hiking to a mountain side viewpoint and then change into the glad rags once there. The formal look is very classy and always impresses.


I always advocate to dress your hair how you feel comfortable. If a session is later in the day by all means book in a hairdresser to give you that extra wow factor. The aim with all these points is to make you look a million dollars for your session.

Make Up

Lets face it, the day of the session isn’t the time to be trying out a new look. Apply your make up in your usual way and how you feel comfortable. Bit off-topic but a good tip also. I recommend against going for a professional tan or intentionally tanning outdoors prior to your session. A fresh tan may look good in person, but the camera is more sensitive to skin tones and your natural colour is always more flattering in photographs.

What to bring and leave

I recommend having your hands free throughout the session, so I prefer to not have you carry extra clothing, a purse, drinks, or anything else. I will recommend that you leave your items at our starting location (most likely in your vehicle) and we can come back half-way through the session if need be.

Dogs + Kids

As your session is all about YOU and your connection, I prefer you not to bring children. I want the session to 100% concentrate on you. From past experience children are a distraction on pre-wedding portrait sessions and the essence of the session is lost. Want a session with the kids, I have family shoots for that.

Pets can be a cool addition to your session. BUT I don’t want the session to become all about the dog, its meant to be about you guys so I would always advice no pets or a few photos with the pooch etc and then someone take him/her away so we can get on with the session.


As with any photo shoot, we need the weather on our side. Generally I will shoot the session as long as its not raining. My gear is weather sealed but I’m not taking the chance with over 15k worth of kit. Usually you will have months until the wedding so re-arranging for a nice day is no problem.

Anything Else

I am here for you always, just drop me a line, email or carrier pigeon and I will get back in touch ASAP.