We often get asked “Whats included” for the price etc. First let us start by saying we are actually charging a lot less than what we should be. Have a read of the below and hopefully the scale of what’s included will come through.

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We’re not just there at your wedding for 10 hours and off we go… Below is a good idea of what’s involved and what your paying for which doesn’t even include the fact your getting a Multi (50+) International Award Winning Wedding Photographer with a vast amount of knowledge and skill covering photography, lighting, colour science, posing, knowing exactly how the day runs and so much more. It truly is hard to put it all into words.

The TRUE cost of being a wedding photographer.

So… Let’s get into the meat of the question. Many people think a wedding photographer turns up on the day and then leaves 10 hours later and that’s what you’re paying for. Contrary to this belief there is so much more involved with being a wedding photographer. Below is a list of what you’re paying for in terms of the photographers Time and Costs involved to do the job to a very high standard. Every wedding we book is on average 30-40 hours of work!


  • Pre-booking meeting if need be
  • Free Tea/Coffee
  • Easy Online Booking
  • Calls/Skype and E-mails
  • Pre-wedding meeting
  • Packing gear for the day
  • Prepping ALL equipment the day before the wedding
  • Formatting memory cards
  • Charging batteries
  • Planning the journey for the wedding day
  • Travel/fuel
  • 10-15 hours on the day
  • Professional Post Production
  • 5-10 Hours to cull down all your images to a final set
  • 10-15 Hours to edit the final set of images
  • 1-2 Hours to export the final set
  • Packaging all of your photos into our complimentary USB BOX and Exit Package. (worth £60)
  • 1-2 Hours to upload the final images to a Free gallery for your guests
  • Our attention when ever you need it. We are there FOR YOU!

Costs involved

  • £15,000+ of Professional Level Equipment
  • Pro level camera, Pro level backup camera, Pro level lenses
  • Flash units, Flash triggers
  • High Capacity expensive Memory cards
  • Tripods and Light stands
  • Reflectors and Light modification equipment
  • Batteries, Camera cases and bags
  • High spec computer and pro level monitor
  • Software licensing – Studio Management System, Editing software, Accountancy Software and more
  • Multiple External Hard drive storage for backup
  • Annual insurance for Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Equipment cover
  • Travel costs, car maintenance, tax, insurance
  • 20% Tax to the tax man, National Insurance Contributions
  • Marketing, Website design and maintenance
  • Smart casual clothing for the wedding day
  • Electricity and heating
  • Hospitality costs such as buying coffee for couples during meetings
  • £50 Album voucher towards a fine art voucher

As you can see just in terms of time and cost… hiring a PROFESSIONAL wedding photographer who is very good at what they do like ourselves costs a lot of money and involves a lot of our time, sacrificing time with friends, family, holidays etc.

Distant weddings

If we decide to take on a wedding in Manchester, Cotswolds, London, abroad etc – anywhere more than a couple of hours from our base we have to travel the day before and most of the time come back the day after the wedding. Thats THREE DAYS of our time which also means we potentially lose TWO bookings worth £2400+ yet we charge no extra for this fact.

All of the above is included in your Full Day Coverage booking. Physical products such as books, albums, wall art are additional extras.


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