An As You Like It Wedding

How did you both meet?

We met at work. We bonded over nickelback and his uni work. As a creative writer he had been writing a short story… but there was so much sex in it I used to joke that he wrote erotica. We flirted through work email for months and once our boss had to ask us to stop flirting via work email because it was inappropriate. We used to go on lunch dates to the pub and have sneaky pints at lunch. Classy.

Why did you choose your venue over all the others?

As You Like It was the next best thing to the venue we wanted. We wanted Healey barn but it was too remote and we didnt want anyone to miss out because they couldn’t get there… so when we saw as you like it, we fell in love with its rustic feel and warm atmosphere. We know it’s close to jesmond dene too and we wanted some beautiful pictures which we thought might work well.

Why did you select Ray as your wedding photographer?

Michael wanted someone who did beautiful and High quality images but wanted something quite traditional like the wedding portraits which we noticed you did on your Instagram. I wanted some more unique one too with the whole day being captured. You seemed to be able to fit both of our preferences and you were very reasonably priced.


We really hope you have enjoyed viewing this beautiful As You Like It wedding featuring Beth + Michael

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