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Before choosing locations, wardrobe or season etc you need to select a style of engagement photography. I provide 2 styles.

  • Daytime Session: A light and airy photo shoot using natural light. See an example here.
  • EPIC Session: Sunset or Sunrise using Off Camera Flash techniques. These are generally environmental portraits showing a large proportion of the location. See an example here.


Choosing a good location for your engagement photography is key. Apart from you and your partner in the photo the rest of the scene is your location. Picking a great location is paramount especially for EPIC shoots as the location is dominant in the photos. Some suggestions could be…

  • Country Parks
  • Piers
  • Beaches
  • Mountains and Rocky areas
  • Riverside walks


Depending on the timing of your booking to your wedding you may have the choice of all 4 seasons. Think about the look you want. Standing on a beach in winter in a dress will be cold so a warmer season would be best. The season you pick can dictate wardrobe choices also. For those wanting snow photos, obviously it has to snow and then it has to be practical to actually do the shoot, roads may be closed etc.


I have an entire article regarding wardrobe to help you get the most out of your engagement photography. Click here to read the article.


Props can add an element of fun to your images. Don’t go overboard though. Balloons, Pets, Letters or even a full setup such as a picnic theme i.e. blanket, flutes, strawberries, basket etc.

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