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Creative Wedding Photography: The Sneak Out

Creative Wedding Photography

The Sneak Out is one of my favourites parts of the wedding day. Sneaking away from the party and guests for no more than 10 minutes to create some EPIC portraits under a beautiful sunset, surrounded by twinkle lights or any manner of creative possibilities. I just love it. These are the photos that have won me countless awards.

I think I should say not every couple wants to leave the party, if that is the case, just let me know and other creative opportunities can be explored at other times.

Creative wedding photography isn’t just about sunsets. The Sneak Out can be a sneak out at anytime of the day, take the photo below as an example, the couple posed for this photo after their ceremony but before the reception and was obviously taking indoors. Creative wedding photography doesn’t have to be just outside, in fact, being indoors can yield more interesting photos in some situations.

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Sparkler Exits

Sparkler exits are an American tradition and are performed at the end of the night when the bride and groom depart.

Here in the UK sparkler exits are increasingly popular. Should you like the idea of a sparkler exit, please let me know. As my coverage ends after the first dance the sparkler exit can be setup sometime during the reception or just after the wedding breakfast.

The time of year will affect this also as it needs to be dark. Again, just let me know your thoughts and we can discuss it. Generally speaking the sparkler exit is setup, the photos are captured and then everyone continues on with the wedding day.

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