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Bride Preparation Tips

We all know the wedding day starts with the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready but this can happen in various locations with good or bad lighting, little room or tonnes of room. Below are a few points to think about when getting ready which will help to produce great looking bridal preparation images.

01 – Clean the room

Now you don’t have to bust out the feather dusters here, but be sure to de-clutter the room. Empty boxes, loose bags, coats etc. Anything that doesn’t have to be in the room. Photographs of the bride or bridesmaids may look wonderful but when you see empty boxes lying on the floor or 12 cold slices of toast from a few hours earlier it doesn’t help the photograph.

02 – Light is your friend

Aim to have make up and hair applied in the brightest room you can with natural light. Some brides decide to get ready at home, if there is a conservatory, I have found this works brilliant as the soft light from the outdoors compliments perfectly. For brides in more darker locations such as dim hotel rooms try to position yourself near a window to allow the natural light to fall on you. Of course I can create bride prep images in a black cave if need be, after all, I have off-camera flash at my disposal, however, I think you will agree a bright and airy look to the images will look much better.

03 – It’s all in the detail.

Try to collect all the details into one spot ready for me the night before or the morning of the wedding before I arrive. This ensures I can arrange the details into a nice layout and photograph them as a group and individually. Items such as Jewellery, Perfume, shoes etc.

NOTE: The dress. In a lot of cases there simply isn’t a nice spot to hang the dress. Personally I prefer to capture the dress on the bride later in the day as it shows it off much better. If there is somewhere the dress can be hung with a nice background that isn’t distracting please let me know. If I gave you two photos and you had to pick one to put in an album, I.e, A dress hanging on a hanger OR a gorgeous portrait in the dress which would you pick. This is why I usually photograph the dress on the bride.

04 – Bride Getting Ready

Having done my share of bride prep I know most brides like to have their getting ready photos done once they have some make up on, thats great and no problem. Aim to have make up applied after I have arrived. Bridesmaids can be done first. Try to leave space around the make up area so I can move around and capture photos at different angles.

I attend bride prep 2 hours before the ceremony so there should be plenty of time to photograph the bride and the bridesmaids.

NOTE: If you require a photo of the dress being tied up this needs to be done before the time I leave to photograph the groom at the ceremony. I only allow 15-20 minutes with the gents before the ceremony so I unfortunately cannot hang around. When I have the pre-wedding meeting I create a timeline of the day so everything should run smooth.

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