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Engagement Photography: Wardrobe Advice

Choosing outfits for an Engagement Session can be tough. I want your personality to come out in your images and at the same time compliment the scene. It’s all about planning ahead and styling yourself accordingly. Invest some time into your look and style as this can make or break a photograph. Im always on hand to help with suggestions based on the chosen location etc.

01 – The Dress

A solid colour dress works the best. Stripes and patterns can distract the eye and draw attention away from the face. Avoid turtlenecks or anything brightly coloured around the neck area such as scarves as the colour of the garment will be reflected into your face by the sun giving your skin tone an off colour.

02 – Colours

A very important aspect. If your intention is to hang some of the portraits on your wall they need to match your decor. Your colours should also match the pre-selected location. As a general rule a solid white dress for the girl works great in most locations. For the gent jeans and a shirt work equally well. For more of an editorial feel formal wear is a great option and can make the photos ‘pop’ with a wow factor.

NOTE: Avoid black or dark colours.

03 – Accessories

Keep these to a minimum as to not distract from your faces. I would always recommend avoiding hats unless previously discussed and will fit with the scene and theme of the shoot.

04 – Footwear

No matter the Engagement Session always wear smart/casual footwear. Heels or sandals for example for the lady and dress shoes, fashionable boots or sandals for the man. Avoid trainers, white socks and heavy footwear. For certain locations it works great to be barefoot also.

05 – Props/Themes

Props can add an element of fun to your images. Don’t go overboard though. Balloons, Pets, Letters or even a full setup such as a picnic theme i.e. blanket, flutes, strawberries, basket etc.

06 – Make Up/Tanning

Please be subtle with make up and tanning for best results in your images. Tanning especially can give some unpredictable skin tone colours.

07 – Celebrity

Treat the shoot like you were going to Hollywood to be photographed for a movie poster that was going to be shown around the world. With this mentality your sure to look amazing and the photos in turn will look equally amazing and impress your family and friends when they see them on your walls.

08 – 2nd Look

Some couples may choose to have a more casual look for half the shoot, get changed and have a formal look also. For this to work just let me know before hand and It can be planned.

09 – Spare Clothes

I highly recommend bringing a spare pair of clothes. The likelihood is you won’t need them but sometimes getting wet at a beach shoot for example is inevitable.

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