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Walworth Castle Wedding Photography: Venue Review

Walworth Castle

Walworth Castle is one of my favourite wedding venues to photograph, as it’s a truly gorgeous location. Whereas some wedding venues can appear to be generic and standard, there’s never any worry of that with Walworth Castle; it is the complete opposite. A Walworth wedding is magical, mysterious and one of a kind.

Walworth Castle as a Wedding Venue

Built in the 12th Century, Walworth Castle is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a traditional and romantic wedding. It’s situated among rolling countryside and beautiful scenery, which means that it’s not only impressive on the inside. Whether you’re entertaining guests outside or using the backdrop for wedding photographs, the exterior of Walworth Castle is just as impressive. Surrounding Walworth Castle is 18 acres of lawns and woodlands. This provides a beautiful background for your wedding photographs, one that’s full of life and colour. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a lavish ceremony or something that’s a little bit intimate, Walworth Castle is a fantastic choice.

Planning a Walworth Castle Wedding

In my experience, a Walworth wedding is always an enjoyable experience. The venue itself only hosts one wedding per day, which means that the entire team are dedicated to ensuring that your day goes off without a hitch. There’s no need to worry about their concentration being elsewhere. You’re also able to hire the castle exclusively, meaning that only you and your guests will be using the venue. Though this is not always necessary, it can be beneficial if you’re planning a large wedding. Weddings at Walworth Castle are a personalised affair; everything is tailored to you, your guests and your exact requirements. This isn’t something that you’ll find everywhere else. You’re even able to use Walworth Castle for your wedding breakfast and wedding reception. After all, a wedding is more than just a ceremony.

As a wedding photographer, I work hard to make sure that your day is captured perfectly. I’m passionate and relaxed in the way that I work, and this allows me to ensure that every moment is remembered. Please Get in touch to find out more.

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