A Romanby Golf Club Wedding – Northallerton

How did you both meet?

We have been together for nine years. We met when I was 16 and Bobby was 20. We met through a family member of Bobbys who I was friends with at the time. We’ve grown up together (well I have!) and gone through many things as a couple that those nine years still feel like yesterday.

Why did you chose your venue over all the others?

We wanted a local venue in the town where we met and lived. Being a small town choices were very limited but all the ones available were beautiful. We chose Romanby Golf Club due to the warm and cosy atmosphere, beautiful grounds and great package ideas. A big selling point for Bobby was the chance to drive a golf buggy so we could find some nice places to have photos taken! All the staff were very welcoming and nothing was too much trouble. We were so glad we chose the golf club as it looked beautiful on the day and it all ran very smoothly.

Why did you select Ray as your wedding photographer?

We were so lucky to win one of Ray’s photography competitions on Facebook! We’ve never won such a big prize and we were absolutely delighted. Not only were we lucky to win the package but to get to work with such a brilliant photographer also. When we entered the competition, I’d not heard of Sawyer and Sawyer Photography so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, but we couldn’t have asked for better. He’s very approachable and accommodating and all the guests commented on how great he was and he just fitted in!

What was the highlight of your day?

One of my favourite parts of the day was having the drive back from the church to the venue. Our church was about a half an hour journey to the venue and having that time to sit with Bobby in our wedding car and just talk was great after such a busy morning. It gave us chance to relax and just sit while admiring the countryside views.

Advice for other brides and grooms?

Just enjoy the day and don’t stress the small things! I spent the week before the wedding in a whirlwind of stress and anxiety but in the end most of it didn’t matter. A lot of the small bits I’d worried about I forgot about on the day and didn’t even notice. Your guests are there for you not the colour sashes you have on your chairs or the favours on the tables. Just relax and enjoy the whole wedding experience as it is the best day ever!

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