Got Questions? Check out the answers below…

Below you will find a bunch of frequently asked questions. Please contact me should you not find the answer you’re looking for.

General Wedding Questions

Where are you based?

I live in Chilton, a town in the Northeast of England, right between Darlington and Durham.

How do we make a booking?

To enquire about a booking please submit your details using the contact form on the website. Usually, my clients book 18-24 months in advance. Bookings are especially busy during spring and summer but don’t hesitate to get in touch at short notice, your date might still be available. In the case of short notice weddings i.e. within 1 month, I require the full amount to be paid upon booking.

Are you limited to weddings in the North East/Durham area?

Simple answer… No. Teesside, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington, York, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Whitby among other local towns are all within a short drive.

However, I am in no way limited to these areas. I have always worked nation wide and will always enjoy traveling around our wonderful country. Especially the Lake District as its my favourite.

I am more than happy to travel anywhere within the UK.

Additional fees may have to be added to supplement my travel and accommodation.

Do i get a copy of my wedding photographs included?

I always include full resolution digital copies of your photographs with every wedding. You will receive all your photos via Digital Download, approximately 600+ full resolution images for you to enjoy & keep forever.

How many photos will I receive?

For each and every wedding I concentrate on quality over quantity however, as a guide a full day wedding can expect 600+ Images.

When will my photographs be delivered?

I always aim to deliver the final images within 5 days of the wedding. Im a professional Graphic Designer as well as a photographer so im very good and fast with editing. During busy times of the year it may take me a little longer i.e. 1-2 weeks, however, most couples are still totally fine with a 2 week wait. I do aim for less than 5 days as a rule as its a key point that sets me apart from other photographers. I’ve even delivered the same day in some instances.

When and how do I pay?

Once you have made the booking everything you need is sent to you via email from my Studio Management System. Payment methods include Bank Transfer and Cash.

I take a £100 deposit. The deposit is payable immediately to secure your date as I only ever shoot one wedding per day.

The remainder of the invoice must be paid 1 month prior to the wedding.

Are the images I receive as part of my coverage protected by print copyright?

Once the photos have been delivered to you, they are yours*, simple. You can do as you like with them. I retain the right to place the photos on my website and/or other marketing materials for the purpose of advertisement.

There are no additional extra costs for print usage.

*Full copyright remains with Sawyer and Sawyer Photography and clients are given a print release to print the photos.

Can I see my photos online?

Every wedding photography package from Sawyer and Sawyer includes an optional free customer viewing galley.

Your gallery can be protected with a password of your choice, simply share your password with anyone you’d like to have access to your gallery.

If I like your work but can't afford your price, is there anything I can do?

Contact me anyway, what’s the worst that can happen?

What does Full Day Coverage Include?

Bride Prep through to 30 minutes after the 1st dance.

Hey Guys. The full day package covers turning up 120 minutes before the ceremony at the bridal preparations and shooting all the details such as shoes, jewellery, dresses, flowers and getting ready etc.

Followed by photographing the groom, best man and groomsmen at the wedding venue including guest arrivals, bridal party arrival and of course shooting the entire ceremony including the signing of the register.

No wedding would be complete without the group shots of the immediate family and friends, so these are taking after the ceremony and they can then go relax and have a drink or 2 or 3 or 4.

Whilst everyone has a good time I will whisk you away to capture your beautiful couple portraits without any distractions, these are the photos that couples look back on and even hang on their walls. After your couple portraits you will head back to the venue. Every wedding is different, some go straight into speeches and some have the wedding meal before the speeches, either way I will be there to cover the speeches when they happen, after all I’m there providing Full Day Coverage.

After the speeches and meals its usually that time… Yes, it’s the 1st dance and cake cutting, I will capture these followed by 30 minutes of dramatic, dynamic and fun dance floor shots of you and your guests ripping up the dance floor. Your photography coverage ends 30 minutes after the 1st dance however in a lot of cases I stay longer especially if myself and the couple have a specific shot in mind which requires a night sky for example. On your big day ‘I am there for YOU‘ so there is no clock watching, I am very laid back and usually by the time I leave Im part of the family.

What If I Want Half Day Coverage - £500?

Half Day coverage is available Monday to Thursday all year round excluding July through October. Half day coverage covers 90 minutes of bridal preparation photos, photos of the groom at the venue, arrival of bride/guests, the wedding ceremony, signing of the wedding register, group/family photographs, couple portraits. NO Reception shots at all such as details, speeches, cake cutting, 1st dance, dance floor images and creative artistic shots which involves sunsets etc.

Do we get to meet each other before the wedding?

Before the wedding usually 6-4 weeks prior I will meet with you and your fiancé at the reception venue or other location to go over the wedding day details you submitted during booking just to make sure I have finalised timings and also to teach you the posing framework to ensure you feel confident in front of camera. The posing framework helps you for the couple portraits, the rest of your wedding is captured in a more lifestyle/journalistic approach which feels candid. I am also happy to meet on further occasions when needed.

Family/Lifestyle Photography

How many people can attend the shoot?

I usually say up to 6 people as this covers most families. As long as it is 1 family I will accommodate further people.

I require additional booking fees if for example…

Family 1 – John, Jane and 2 children require a photo shoot but John wants his Brother and Sister to come too, the brother and sister have 2 children each also.

This in effect is 3 separate family shoots not 1 and as such 3 bookings would need to be placed. In the example it would be 12 people – 3 families broken down in to parents and 2 children each.

If there is more than one set of parents then its usually an additional booking fee. Please contact me to double check.

How long will my shoot last?

Family shoots last 1 hour, regardless if you are late. I endeavour to arrive 30-15 minutes early at all bookings. When you make a booking you are given a 1 hour time slot. Usually I have additional bookings the same day or I may have other places to be at specific times so over running your time slot is unfortunately not possible in most cases so please be punctual as your paying for a 1 hour slot.

Can I pay extra for more time?

If I have no shoots immediately following your shoot and have no place to be you can overrun your time slot for an additional charge. The minimum overrun is 30 minutes charged at £30.

Can I book an indoor shoot or does it have to be outdoor?

Sorry but the Family Photo Shoots have to be outdoor. It gives more scope for pictures and provides a lovely natural look. Lighting is very important too and most indoor home shoots are in dimly lit rooms and this affects the image quality. Plus a photo near a castle, beach, sunset etc is going to look far better than sitting on your couch.

What locations do you shoot at?

The most popular location for a Family Photo Shoot is Hardwick Park, Sedgefield as its rather central to most people booking me, not to mention its only a 10 minute drive from where I live.

I am willing to shoot at any outdoor location at any time of day. This could include Beaches, Parks, Forests or even more out the box locations like street tunnels, old buildings, farm land etc.

How many photos will I receive?

For a Family Photo Shoot I deliver a minimum of 20 High Resolution photos, however, in most cases this number is usually 40-60+ Photos.

Can I print my images?

Yes by all means. Once the photos are delivered to you, you can print to your hearts content. You have full usage rights for you photos. I retain the right to place images on my website, marketing and social media accounts for the purpose of advertisement.

How will I receive my images?

It’s the 21st Century, DVDs, USBs are not necessary, we live in a Fibre Optic world, hence why I deliver all images for any of my shoots by Digital Download. You will receive a link from myself, click the link, hit Download. Simple.

A file will download to your computer. A ZIP archive with all your photos inside. Simply double click the file and you will have access to all your images.

I can provide your images on a DVD for a small additional cost to cover the creation of the disk and delivery of the disc. I charge £10 for a DVD disc.

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